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Mountain and Wilderness Activities include:

Camel Trekking
Desert Travel
Downhill Skiing
Fell Running
Hill Waliking
Ice Climbing
Jungle Travel
Kayaking & Rafting
Mountain Biking
Mountain Medicine


The files listed below illustrate Landscapes and Landform - Geographical, Geological, Glaciological and Physical Features. They cover Mountaineering in all its forms, Expeditions, Treks, Wilderness Journeys and Adventures and frequently also the Weather and the local Flora and Fauna.

Often the local People are featured with their Cities, Towns, Villages and Homes, their Agriculture, Culture and Antiquities and their Work and Play.

Mountains, Wilderness, Landscapes and Travel, in and around:


All mountain regions, most of the upland areas and many rural districts as well as the more interesting coasts of England, Wales and Scotland including the Western and Northern Isles.

Ireland : many of the uplands, rural areas and coasts in Ulster, the West and South-West.

The Alps of France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein including the ascents of Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn and the Eiger.The Pyrenees of France and Spain, the Italian Apennines,the Picos de Europa of Spain, France's Massif Central, Portugal.

Norway (especially Arctic Norway), Sweden, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Svalbard (Spitzbergen).


USA: most mountain and desert regions and many cities.
States include California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Colorado. Many Landscapes, Coasts and Forests especially in the Western States.

Alaska and the ascent of Mount McKinley.

Canada: Rocky Mountains, BC Interior Ranges, St Elias Range, the Yukon.

Greenland: crossing of the Icecap with dog team.


Peru :
most ranges of Peruvian Andes, the Source of River Amazon. The Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, Cuzco and Lake Titicaca.

Volcanoes of Peru, Ecuador and Mexico.

Argentina : Buenos Aires.

Patagonia : Argentina's Fitzroy massif and the
Torres del Paine National Park of Chile

Punta Arenas
Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn
The Falkland Islands


Extensive coverage of the Himalaya, end to end, including
Mount Everest, Annapurna, Kangchenjunga and Nanga Parbat.
The 8,000 metre peaks. High altitude mountaineering

Nepal : most regions of Nepal including Kathmandu, India : Garhwal, Gangotri, Shivling and the Source of the River Ganges.

Delhi., Taj Mahal, local generics, Ladakh

Pakistan : coverage of the Karakorum Range includes the Baltoro Glacier, K2 and the other 8,000 metre peaks.
Nanga Parbat. ( actually Himalaya )

China : Xinjiang, Turkestan, Aghil and Pamir ranges
Tibet: Lhasa, the Tibetan Himalaya and other ranges
Kyrgyzstan Pamir range, ascent of Pik Kommunisma, etc
Mongolia : Tavan Bogd / Altai ranges

Japan : the Japanese Alps
Sabah ( North Borneo ) : Kinabalu
New Guinea : Carstenz Range

Oman and Yemen : deserts.


: ascent of Mount Kenya, the Rift Valley, Soda Lakes, Coast, Tsavo, Meru and Masai Mara National Parks.
East African wildlife.

Uganda : Ruwenzori Range ( the Mountains of the Moon )
National Parks, River Nile, Murchison Falls.

Tanzania : Kilimanjaro ascent, the Rift Valley, Volcanoes, Soda Lakes.


Algeria : Sahara Desert, Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the Sahel + other arid African areas.


: landscapes, cities, the Outback, deserts, coasts and mountains. The Hot Red Centre and Tasmania.
Expeditionary crossings of the Strzelecki and Great Victoria Deserts with camels.

New Zealand : North Island - Tongariro National Park and ski ascent of Ruapehu volcano.
South Island - mountains including Mount Cook and Mount Aspiring, glaciers, lakes, forests and landscapes.
The Milford and Routeburn Tracks.


: South Georgia and the Sub-Antarctic Islands
including landscapes, icebergs, bases, expeditions and mountaineering, ships, aircraft and wildlife.

The Arctic : North Pole, Siberian Islands, Greenland, Spitzbergen.


Britain, particularly the more rugged coasts of the South and West and of Wales and Scotland.

Islands include the Isle of Wight, Lundy, Anglesey, Orkney, most Inner and Outer Hebrides including Skye, Mull, Iona, Islay, Harris, the Uists and St Kilda.

The Faroe Islands, coasts and islands in Arctic Norway and Spitzbergen

Some coasts in California, Kenya, Borneo, Australia and New Zealand. Fjords in Chilean Patagonia. Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn.

Coasts and islands of the Antarctic Peninsular and the Ross Sea.


Sail Cruising among the Hebrides. Yachting and Sail Training. Scottish fishing boats.

Addis Ababa, Adelaide, Arequipa, Bangkok, Beijing,
Birmingham, Brisbane, Boise, Buenos Aries, Cuzco,
Christchurch, Dacca, Delhi, Edinburgh, Florence,
Freemantle, Geneva, Hobart, Kashgar, Kathmandu,
Leeds, Lima, Lhasa, Lisbon, London, Lugano,
Las Vegas, Melbourne, Mombasa, Nairobi, New York,
Perth ( W.A ), Prague, Reykjavik, Salisbury, San Diego,
San Francisco, Sydney, Tromso, Torshaven,
Wellington and Vancouver.


Many of the notable personalities in the worlds of
Mountaineering, the Outdoors and Exploration.
Young people in the Outdoors.
Native people in their own environment,
particularly the Sherpas of Nepal and the Sami (Lapp) folk of Scandinaiva.
Climbers, Trekkers, Hikers, Ramblers and other
anonymous outdoor people in action.


subjects include:

Aircraft, Bridges - including the Forth, Severn, Tagus, Sydney Harbour and Golden Gate bridges - Cityscapes, Construction, Cooling Towers, Dams, Docks, Factories, Harbours, Hydro-electric sites, Industrial Landscapes, Motorways, Oil Rigs, Power Stations, Quarries, Railways, Shipbuilding, Tunnels, Wind Farms
and so on...

Abstracts, Antiquities, Atmospheric effects,
Avalanches, Boats, Camels, Castles, Cathedrals,
Children, Clouds, Curling, Deserts, Environment,
Elephants, Falcons, Ferries, Follies, Forests, Frost,
Gardens, Ghost-towns, Glaciers, Graffito, Great Wall,
Harvesting, Hotsprings, Icebergs, Iron-age hill forts,
Jumars, Jetplanes, Kayaks, Kangaroos, Lighthouses,
Lapps, Masai, Monuments, Moons, Native dances,
Notices, Ostriches, Paragliding, Photographic effects,
Ploughing, Quebradas, Roads, Rainbows, Reindeer,
Ruins, Shinty, Stately homes, Statues, Sunrises,
Sunsets, Surf, Tents, Temples, Trees, Uighur nomads,
Vernacular architecture, Volcanoes, Waterfalls,
Windmills, Weather Vanes, X-country skiing,
Yaks, Yeti, Yurts, Zebras, Zopkio...
..and much else !


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  Hikers, English Lake District

Cranborne Chase, Wiltshire

Vallée Blanche, Mont Blanc

Mount Robson summit, Canada

 Machhapuchhare - the sacred mountain
   Cenotaph Corner Left Wall, Snowdonia